Our Holistic Approach
to Planning

AJ Feldman Financial helps create a path for our clients to help achieve their financial goals as we look at every aspect contributing to financial health.


AJ Feldman Financial will present a sample overview of the services and have a conversation to see if there is a mutual fit between our firm and the prospective client.

Understanding the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances

If there is a mutual fit between our firm and the prospective client, we will confidentially gather and analyze your information.

Identifying, Selecting and Prioritizing Goal

At this step, AJ Feldman Financial will begin to communicate with the clients how their current circumstances and their goals align.

Analyze the Client’s Current Course of Action and Potential Alternatives

At this step, we present a ‘rough draft’ of your current circumstance and present a macro view of the financial plan.

Develop the Financial Plan

This is where the details of the plan begin to take shape and specific recommendations are starting to be made.

Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendations

Here we present a detailed overview of the recommendations and the road map moving forward.

Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendations

Here the rubber hits the road and the above recommendations are executed.

Monitor Progress and Updates

As with any plans, there are adjustments. Once the plan is put in place, both AJ Feldman Financial and the client communicate to identify any material updates to the above inputs.

Open and Ongoing Communication

Once the plan is in place, being monitored and updated, it is important to keep a frequent and open line of communication with us so adjustments can be made based on changes in circumstances.