Our process systematically puts each piece together to help you solve your financial puzzle.

Welcome to AJ Feldman Financial, where we work with you to set financial goals based on your lifestyle, needs and aspirations. Andrew J. Feldman is the founder and offers personal, unique services to each client.

AJ Feldman Financial is not in the business of predicting the future. No one knows what the world or the markets will look like in 20 years, or even tomorrow. There is no expectation that clients know what the future brings either. Certainly assumptions you make today about retirement dates, lifestyle choices and spending habits will change. While many financial plans may rely on these “precise” assumptions, this can lead to a false sense of confidence in a financial plan.

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AJ Feldman Financial will present a sample overview of the services and have a conversation to see if there is a mutual fit between our firm and the prospective client.

Understanding the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances

If there is a mutual fit between our firm and the prospective client, we will confidentially gather and analyze your information.

Identifying, Selecting and Prioritizing Goals

At this step, AJ Feldman Financial will begin to communicate with the clients about how their current circumstances and their goals align.

Analyze the Client’s Current Course of Action and Potential Alternatives

At this step, we present a ‘rough draft’ of current circumstance and present a macro view of the financial plan.