Big Journeys Begin with small steps

Welcome to A J Feldman Financial, where we work with you to set financial goals based on your lifestyle, needs and aspirations. Andrew J. Feldman is the founder and offers personal, unique services to each client.


A J Feldman Financial is not in the business of predicting the future. No one knows what the world or the markets will look like in 20 years, or even tomorrow. There is no expectation that clients know what the future brings either. Certainly assumptions you make today about retirement dates, lifestyle choices and spending habits will change. While many financial plans may rely on these “precise” assumptions, this can lead to a false sense of confidence in a financial plan.

Rather than a fortune teller, Andrew is a planner. He understands that your financial life is fluid and has to adjust as the terrain changes. Just as a sailor can meticulously map out his route before a trip, course corrections are part of every voyage. Andrew helps clients navigate the change and feel comfortable as the financial terrain changes. 

Whether your goal is to write the next great American novel, open your own restaurant, or retire on a tropical island, there are strategies and plans that guide you on the journey to your financial goals. Andrew is a goal-setter himself, creating A J Feldman Financial was an entrepreneurial goal which he achieved and Andrew uses this experience to help guide others with their entrepreneurial goals. He helps navigate with you for the long-term, as dreams and goals evolve.

Our process follows the CFP® Boards six-step financial planning process:

01. Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

We explain the services we provide to you and define both our and your responsibilities. We identify what the fees are and what services are included.


02. Gathering client data, including goals

We gather your financial information to put together an overview of your current financial situation. We help you to define your goals, understand your time frame for results and discuss how you feel about risk.

03. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status

We analyze your information to assess your current situation and determine what you must do to meet your goals. This can include analyzing your assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments and tax strategies.

04.  Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives

We offer recommendations based on the information you provide that address your goals. We review the recommendations with you to help you understand them so you can make informed decisions. We also listen to your concerns and revise the recommendations as appropriate.

05. Implementing the financial planning recommendations

We then agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. We may carry out the recommendations or serve as your “coach,” coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals such as attorneys or tax professionals.


06. Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

Both A J Feldman Financial and the client have the responsibility to monitor the progress toward the client’s goals. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate when there are material changes to your financial circumstances. It is our responsibility to monitor the recommendations.